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Allegiance 223SS110 .223 Remington 110 Grain SilentStrike Tungsten Subsonic (20 Round Box)

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Allegiance 223SS110 .223 Remington 110 Grain SilentStrike Hollow Point is the world's only full functioning, lead free frangible subsonic .223. At 975 fps, SilentStrike is guaranteed not to break the sound barrier, and performs very quietly (See video HERE). It functions the same as FMJ ammo in M4/AR platforms, but delivers substantial trauma in soft tissue, even at subsonic velocities.

SilentStrike uses a frangible tungsten powder core. Using various sizes of tungsten particles, SilentStrike delivers energy consistently along the length of the permanent wound channel. This distribution delivers enough energy to both shock the central nervous system and reach the vital organs, incapacitating and neutralizing the target.

SilentStrike is ideal for law enforcement or military use where stealth is a primary objective. 100% lead free.

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