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AmmoZone Binary Reactive Exploding Targets (2.5 lb, 1.0 lb, and 0.5 lb sizes)

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AmmoZone's Binary Reactive Exploding Targets create a large explosion when detonated with the kinetic energy from a high-velocity rifle round (at least ~40gr 2200fps). The explosion is extremely loud, and will send any nearby objects (such as rocks or dirt) flying with a powerful shock wave. Follow the instructions on the target's label carefully to avoid serious injury or unwanted damage to anything close to the point of detonation.




Blow up a watermelon, or a bucket of glow sticks!

BINARY EXPLODING TARGETS are inert until the catalyst and target are mixed, and may be safely and legally transported, and shipped via courier or US mail. Once mixed, an AmmoZone target is considered an explosive material and cannot be transported, stored, or re-sold without the proper licensing.

Click HERE for our exploding targets highlight reel, or HERE to see the glow stick video!

PRODUCT WARNING: AmmoZone Targets are intended for use as a shot indicator only. Misuse of this product can result in destruction of property, serious bodily injury, and loss of life. Keep away from children. Use eye and ear protection and follow all firearm safety standards. Use only in areas free from all flammable material including but not limited to dry grasses, wooden objects, or flammable rubbish. Do not place targets in, on, or around anything that could become a projectile or throw debris after detonation, such as rocks and gravel. Never shoot target closer than the recommended distance. Be courteous, AmmoZone targets are extremely loud, do not use them in areas where other people or shooters could be disturbed. This product must be mixed and used at the range. After mixing, shoot within a reasonable amount of time, and do not transport. Do not sell or distribute mixed product. Do not store mixed product. It is the purchaser's responsibility to comply with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations regarding the use of and/or disposal of any undetonated product. By opening and mixing this product you state that you understand and will follow these directions, and release the producer and/or distributor of this product from all liability from the use or misuse of this product. Misuse of this product is a violation of federal law. Please use common sense when using this product. If something appears or sounds dangerous, don't do it. Not for human consumption. Do not repackage.

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