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CAP ARMS TARGET+MATCH .223 69 GR. SMK BTHP M223N069B (50 Round Box)

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Capital Armaments Target/Match line of both new and remanufactured ammunition has quality where it counts. Whether used in competition, for training, or simply for fun at the range CapArms Target/Match delivers the accuracy and consistency you require. Originally designed for action shooting competitions and made to rigorous specifications they build their ammunition to ensure exacting accuracy and function no matter the condition.

Brass Cased Sold in 50 Round Boxes

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 Bullet: 69 gr. SMK BTHP
Tested Velocity: 2847 FPS
Standard Deviation: 18 FPS
Std. Dev. Percentage: 0.60%
CapArms SKU: M223N069B

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