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PolyCase 380ARXBR .380 ACP 56 Grain Inceptor ARX Lead Free (25 Round Box)

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PolyCase 380ARXBR .380 ACP 56 Grain Inceptor ARX Lead Free is an innovative ammunition that has a new approach to creating a permanent wound cavity in its fleshy targets. As the bullet rotates clockwise after being fired, that rotation is reversed upon impacting a fluid based target due to the geometry of the nose of the projectile. That forceful redirection of energy is what effectively creates enormous trauma and tissue damage as the fluid/flesh is displaced by the torsion created upon impact and further throughout the path of the bullet into its target. The projectile itself retains its weight as there is little to no deformation of the projectile due to its composition of polymer and copper.

Click HERE for a slow-motion video of ARX being fired into ballistic gelatin.

Click HERE for the manufacturer's official website.

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