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PolyCase .40 S&W 88 GR. RUGER ARX 40ARXBRSW (20 Round Box)

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PolyCase 40ARXRUG .40 S&W 88 gr. Ruger ARX Lead Free is branded with Ruger for a reason. ARX technology has convinced Sturm, Ruger & Co. to jump into the ammunition business with a new line of popular self-defense calibers utilizing PolyCase's innovative bullet design.

ARX takes a new approach to creating a permanent wound cavity. Once fired, the bullet rotates clockwise. That rotation is reversed upon impacting a fluid based target due to the geometry of the projectile's nose. That forceful redirection of energy is what effectively creates enormous trauma and tissue damage as the fluid/flesh is displaced by the torsion created upon impact and further throughout the path of the bullet into its target.

The polymer/copper projectile is designed to maintain its integrity as it travels down the barrel and strikes soft targets, but fractures when it hits hard targets such as steel plates or building materials to minimize unwanted collateral damage.

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